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Roman Puntarelle salad

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Roman Puntarelle salad

Roman puntarelle salad is a tasty, genuine dish, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the wellbeing of our organism.

The Puntarelle are nothing more than the Catalan chicory known in Rome as ‘ Cicorione ‘, to be exact are the sprouts of this vegetable that are more tender and suitable for the preparation of many dishes.

How to prepare the Roman Puntarelle salad


  1. 1 Head of Puntarelle
  2. Anchovies fillets in the oil
  3. White wine vinegar
  4. Extra virgin olive oil
  5. Garlic 2 wedging
  6. Salt

How to clean the Puntarelle:

1. Take the chicory head, remove the inner buds from the outer and toughest leaves.

Do not throw these leaves that are very good in the pan with garlic, oil and chilli.

2. Cut the base of the chicory, take each puntarella one by one and cut it into place and then each put cut into strips very thin, helping you with a sharp knife.

3. Put the Puntarelle cut in a bowl with iced water (add ice cubes) with this method will lose some of their bitterness and the Puntarelle enrich.

Keep them soaking for at least an hour.

Procedure for the Roman Puntarelle salad:

Use a container to create the sauce to dress the Roman Puntarelle.

Add anchovies fillets, crushed garlic, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Sauce for Condimneto

Emulsiate the seasoning well, form a dense sauce, until the anchovies are dissolved.

Drain the strolls from the iced water and dry them.

Puntarelle Cut and washed

Season the salad with the seasoning you have prepared.

Puntarelle salad

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