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Spinach with olive oil and lemon recipe

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Spinach with olive oil and lemon

Spinach with olive oil and lemon,it’s a simple and genuine recipe, ready in a short time and to accompany as we like, with a second of meat or fish.

Enjoy a light side dish like lemon spinach to accompany your main dishes for lunch or dinner, because vegetables are a dish that should never be missing from daily nutrition.

It is always preferable to choose it raw, but also cooked in the way we recommend, without using too much water that would remove the minerals and vitamins that are so important to our daily needs.

Lemon spinach is perfect to accompany a second of fish or a nice plate of grilled meat or delicious scallops, stuffed rolls or to go to stuff the piadine from Romagna or a savory pie in short, lemon spinach will be an excellent jolly for its use in the kitchen.

Follow my simple tips for how to cook spinach and you will get a genuine cooked vegetable that retains its beautiful bright green color.

Here is a simple and quick recipe to prepare  the spinach .


  1. 1 kg Spinach
  2. Extra virgin olive oil Q. b
  3. Juice of half a lemon
  4. Salt


1. Thoroughly wash the vegetable under running water to perfectly remove any soil residue, remove the roots and the spoiled leaves.

Wash the spinach

2. Put them in a pan, they are very bulky when raw, but will reduce their volume considerably during cooking.

3.Light the fire and let the vegetable boil with the same water of vegetation that will form.

4. Finally add the salt and then cook over low heat with the lid.

The vegetable should not cook for a long time.

Bake spinach

5.Drain and season with a drizzle of oil and the juice of half a lemon before serving.

Serve still hot.

Spinach recipe

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