29, September, 2022

Nutella crepes

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Nutella crepes

Nutella crepes, this is the  sweet variant of crepes, with sugar, delicious and yummy for breakfast or to have a snack.

We love so much Nutella crepes at our house ,i prepare them often.

Typical of the French kitchen, the crepes are something you can fill with whatever you want,savory and sweet.

I also love that  they are so much lighter then a pancake,but you still gett full of them.Delicios!

Just try my   variant of nutella crepes, is a bit modified, I add to the recipe cold sparkling water that makes the crepes much softer and greedy.

How to prepare  the Nutella  crepes

Ingredients for 6 crepes:

  1. 1 egg
  2. 2 tablespoons  of sugar
  3. Flour 50 Gr
  4. Milk 100 ml
  5. Very sparkling cold water 100 ml
  6. Nutella
  7. Butter
  8. Icing sugar


In a bowl, beat the egg with the sugar.

beat the sugar with the egg

Then add the milk to the wire and the sparkling and cold water.

add the milk and the sparkling water

Finally add the flour and assemble until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough.

add the flour

Take a non-stick frying pan and melt a little butter, just what you need to grease the frying pan.

Add a ladle of batter and tilt the pan stretching the dough over the entire surface, thus forming a disc.

Once the edges start to lift and curl, carefully flip the crepe ,you’ll notice that on the surface will form bubbles.

I prefer to use a rubber spatula.Cook the crêpes 1 minute per side.

Let the other side brown a little and remove to a plate.

brown the crepes on the other side

Fill it with Nutella on the whole surface, then fold it to put and again, creating a fan.

put nuttella on the whole surface fold the crepes fold to form a fan the nutella crepes

Continue to bake the crepes until all the dough is finished.

Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve hot the Nutella crepes.

sparkling with icing sugar the nutella crepes nutella creps recipe

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